For guides and tour leaders

  • In July and August Mon - Sat 11 - 16 and during the first week of January Mon - Fri 11 - 16 when the Town Hall is open for visitors, the entrance to the Town Hall is through the Cellar both for groups and individual visitors. At other times the entrance for pre-booked groups is through the second door from the right (when facing the Town Hall). When the door is locked, please ring the doorbell. The guard will let prebooked groups in.  
  • Upon arriving at the Town Hall, please register and, according to the beforehand agreement, either hand over the voucher or pay for the visit in cash.
  • Tour leaders/guides must remain with the group during the whole visit and are responsible for the behaviour of the group.
  • Do not enter the main halls in wet outerwear or with umbrellas! In rainy weather the umbrellas and jackets/cloaks must be left at the cloakroom in the entrance hall of the ground floor.
  • When you do not have wet overclothes and/or umbrellas, we kindly ask you to guide your groups from the entrance directly up into the Citizens’ Hall. Do not take them first to the Trade Hall (entrance hall) on the ground floor, as this will cause unnecessary crowding of people and moving around the house will take excessive time. It is important that you move in a single direction as in roundabout traffic and leave the Council Chamber through the medieval stairway to the ground floor. Please do NOT return to the Citizens’ Hall from the Council Chamber as this will obstruct the flow of visitors. The Town Hall is not responsible for possible accidents when descending the steep stairs of the Citizens’ Hall.
  • GROUPS OF 10 PEOPLE or more are not allowed to the town hall ancillary premises such as the KITCHEN, KÄMMEREI and the ATTIC. On the principal floor larger groups (10 people or more) visit only the main halls: the Citizens’ Hall and the Council Chamber. We advise you to leave the Council Chamber through the stairs taking down to the Wine Chamber on the ground floor, pass the Trade Hall (cloakroom) and exit through the the cellar.
  • Please inform us in advance of visitors in wheelchairs. In order to receive wheelchairs, ramps must be set up which take some time. Only the main floor (Citizens Hall and Council Chamber) is accessible. There is no wheelchair accessible toilet in the Town Hall. 
  • The Town Hall sanitary facilities are small; our ladies’ room has only 3 seats. We kindly ask you to take this fact into consideration when you plan your toilet visits.
  • Photographing is allowed, but NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHING in the Council Chamber (and Kämmerei). No tripod.
  • Please show consideration to other groups and visitors!
  • THE TOWN HALL TOWER is open every day 1 June– 31 August at 11-18, last entrance at 17.30 (closed on public holidays 23.06 and 24.06). You cannot book tower visits in advance, admission is on on a first come, first served basis. The maximum number of 10 people can go up together and then it is densely packed. The steps of the tower are steep and high. Therefore we do not recommend the tower to groups, to very old or overweight persons or people with very small children. Entrance fee 4 €, children under 16 years 2 €.

Information: (+372) 6 457 900 (Mon-Fri);