Official receptions

Above all, the Town Hall is the representative building of the Tallinn City Government, where official receptions are held by the municipality. The Town Hall is hired also for other representative events, primarily for conference receptions. Private celebrations, parties and entertainments are not held in the Town Hall. The Town Hall cannot be hired for catering tourists and for dinner parties.

The Citizens’ Hall and the Council Chamber are both hired for receptions. It is possible to hold one event at a time; therefore the halls are not hired separately. Maximum number of visitors is 100; in summer up to 140 at stand-up receptions. The halls of the Town Hall have own established interior design that is not changed.

The Citizens’ Hall i.e. the historic entrance hall is in a theatre style, accommodating 100 people (110 seats together with folding chairs). It is a suitable place for holding the official part of a reception: welcoming, shorter addresses and a concert. For bigger receptions, a stand-up buffet can be set up in the Citizens’ Hall. Please consult our stafff, preferably by e-mail

There is a grand piano in the hall that can be used for musical interludes upon prior agreement with the staff of the Town Hall. The Town Hall has a hi-fi music centre for playing background music from CD or USB memory stick during the arrival of visitors. We kindly ask to agree the use of the music centre with our staff beforehand.

The ceremonies in the Citizens' Hall are sometimes followed by a stand-up reception in The Council Chamberfamous for its unique art values (14th–15th century benches, 16th century wall paintings, 17th century lunette paintings, carved friezes, chandeliers etc.) which impose strict restrictions on the events held in the room.  
A catering company ordered by the organiser may set up a fingerfood or forkfood buffet-table in middle of the Council Chamber. Please remember that at  all food needs to be eaten one-handed or with fork only. Coctail tables are not allowed in the Council Chamber. 

The companies serving in the Town Hall must know the rules applying in the Town Hall. The caterers, who have experience in serving events in the Town Hall and who manage excellently, include: Fee, Catering Service, Carmen Catering, Event Catering, Caviar Catering, Tervise Catering, Plus Catering, Astora Catering, Jahh Catering, Menu etc. Other reliable caterers may also be used, provided that they have been agreed with the Town Hall staff beforehand.
We recommend visiting the Town Hall with the caterer to be able to agree all the details of the event with us. 

Additionally, a self-service cloakroom in the historic Trade Hall (1st floor vestibule) and lavatories in the cellar can be used by the guests. The bar i.e. the historic wine cellar is used as a preparation room by the caterers/performers during the events.

Pursuant to price list approved by Tallinn City Government, the rent of the Town Hall  is 200 €/hour. It is the same rent for the time of the event and for the time of  preparation and cleaning. It takes at least 5 hours to organise a 2-hour reception for up to 100 people (caterers need at least 2 hours for preparations and laying the table + 1 hour for cleaning after).

The price includes VAT.

The accountant of the City Office will send an invoice by e-mail at the beginning of the month the event is about to take place. The invoice must be settled before the taking place of the event.