For caterers

Catering companies rendering their services at the Town Hall must keep in mind that Tallinn Town Hall is the oldest surviving town hall in Northern Europe and registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. A number of special heritage conservation requirements apply to architectural monuments. The historic interior and the art treasures kept in the building, the oldest ones (the Council Chamber bench) belonging to the 14th century, must be treated with due respect.

Hence some special requirements that must be adhered to while serving your clients in the Town Hall:

1. The preparation room for catering is the bar-room on the ground floor (former wine cellar, to the left of the entrance). Goods must always be taken to the bar room. Use own cloth or plastic to cover up the bar desk before putting on the boxes. Goods MUST NOT be taken to the Council Chamber through the Citizens’ Hall (except tables).

2. If possible, the taking of boxes to the Council Chamber should be avoided. Boxes must not be put on the benches of the Council Chamber (NB! 2 benches in the Council Chamber date back to the 14th and 15th century respectively!).

3. The interior design of the Council Chamber is basing on the room programme of the medieval Council Chamber that must not be changed. Therefore, do not rearrange the furniture. The benches (also those next to the wall) will also remain in place.

4. The former kitchen room adjacent to the Council Chamber must be clean, i.e. it is not used as a preparation room. If necessary, chairs can be taken there from the Citizens’ Hall, if a stand-up reception is planned. In this case, the chairs must be carried and not pushed through the Citizens’ Hall.

5. Due to the architecture of the Council Chamber, the table should be placed in the middle of the room. Round tables do not fit in the Council Chamber and coctail tables are not allowed. We kindly ask you to use our folding tables (6 tables sized 80 x 160). After use, the tables must be put back in the closet of the Citizens’ Hall.

6. When planning the menu for a reception in the Council Chamber, please remember that all food needs to be eaten one handed or with fork only. 

7. Catering companies serving in the Town Hall must use own table-cloths and skirts that match with the interior of the chamber.

8. It is forbidden to smoke and use volcano candles or fireworks in the Town Hall.

9. Catering companies remove their own garbage.

10. The rooms must be returned to the Town Hall staff in the same condition they were received.

Catering companies willing to provide their services at the Town Hall must take into consideration the peculiarities of our building. The Town Hall has positive experiences with regular partners. Catering companies not willing to comply with these requirements can not be accepted to serve here.