Civil wedding ceremonies

Tallinn Town Hall is the ceremonial building of the City Government. Civil weddings, performed by Tallinn Vital Statistics Department (Tallinn Registry Office), can be held in the Citizens' Hall of the Town Hall. More information about the marriage registration here. The official ceremony may be followed by a short reception in the Citizens' Hall which may last up to 1 hour (together with the ceremony) +  30 minutes for  the gathering of the guests before the ceremony. 

The Town Hall can be booked by e-mail In July and August, the Town Hall can be rented for receptions from 17.00, as the building is open for visitors until 16.30. Due to regular concerts and frequent receptions, the Town Hall rooms are often booked in the evenings.

The Town Hall accommodates max 100 people. It is not allowed to change the interior design or rearrange furniture (including chairs) in the Town Hall. It is forbidden to use balloons, fireworks (especially the “volcano candles”) and throw rice in the Town Hall. The use of a catering company must be agreed with the Town Hall.

When the application is submitted to Tallinn Vital Statistics Department and the date and time of the ceremony agreed with the Town Hall, the official request for renting the Town Hall must be sent by e-mail

The request must include:

- the requested date and time for renting the Town Hall (from… to…)
- purpose (civil wedding)
- the date of the submission of your application of marriage to Tallinn Vital Statistics Department and the number of the application
- guaranteeing the payment
- the personal ID-number and contacts of the applicant: address, e-mail, phone

The accountant of the City Office will send the invoice for renting the Town Hall by e-mail (1-4 weeks before the ceremony) 

The rent of the Town Hall is 200 €/hour. Minimum rent for the wedding ceremony is 300 € (0,5 hour before the ceremony for gathering, photographing or other preparations + 1 hour for the ceremony). The rent includes VAT.