Venue for events

Tallinn Town Hall, a municipality building from the 13th century until 1970, is currently used for three purposes:

1. Representative building of Tallinn City Government, where official ceremonies and receptions of the town are held.
2. Concert hall, where public concerts are held on a regular basis.
3. Museum. The entire building is open to the public in July and August, when less official receptions are held. In other times, visits must be agreed with the Town Hall in advance.

The first two functions – representative building and concert hall – continue historic traditions, whereas the third one – museum – displays the municipal history of Tallinn throughout centuries. Combining all three functions makes the organisation of events in the Town Hall relatively complicated.

Therefore, two principles must be adhered to when organising events in the Town Hall:

The Town Hall is the representative building of Tallinn, where the City Government (often in cooperation with the Government of the Republic) organises official receptions. Private celebrations, parties and entertainments are not held in the Town Hall. The Town Hall can not be hired for catering tourists and for dinner parties.

The Town Hall is a unique architectural monument, the only preserved Late-Gothic town hall in North-Europe. Pursuant to its Statutes, the main tasks of the staff of the Tallinn Town Hall include the protection, maintenance and preservation of the Town Hall building as a unique historical monument and the historic treasures kept there in accordance with the conditions applying to objects protected under heritage conservation; the organisation of representative events of the municipality and the provision of culture-related services in the Town Hall.
All events taking place in the Town Hall must be held in accordance with heritage conservation requirements applying to the building and the principles of sustainable use of architectural monuments and works of art.

• Official receptions
• Concerts
• Civil wedding ceremonies


Regrettably there are no conditions for holding seminars or conferences in the Town Hall. The architectural division of the Citizens’ Hall with pillars in the middle of the hall, its rolling acoustics, the blinding lights reflecting from the opposite buildings, street noise (from British bachelors to Hare Krishnas) and the tourists clanking the door knockers are the reason why longer seminars and conferences are not held in the Town Hall and why we cannot recommend doing so. True – shorter conferences and seminars have taken place here, but for the abovementioned reasons no events involving serious work can be held in the Town Hall. 

However, the Citizens’ Hall, built as the ceremonial hall of the place, is excellent for festive openings/endings of conferences, where short speeches vary with applauses and naturally for concerts and evening receptions – the main functions of the building.